How to share on Getaround

Getaround offers a safe and convenient carsharing experience.

Start sharing

It's free to start sharing

We'll take great photos of your car

Cars with great profiles get more rentals. We'll upload high quality photos of your car for you.

Set availability

Set a repeating weekly schedule or use our robust calendar to block off days your car isn't available. Your car is available for rentals otherwise.


Take time to describe your car — mention benefits, extra features, the driving experience, and anything the renter should know.

Pickup instructions

Clearly explain pickup and return instructions with location and parking details. We'll send this privately to your renter.


We'll pickup your car to install your Connect™.

Your car is insured at every turn

Getaround rentals are insured through our $1,000,000 primary insurance policy. Coverage includes liability, collision, property damage, uninsured motorist protection, and theft.

Car insurance

All cars on Getaround include primary insurance during rentals. You need to maintain your own insurance outside of rentals on Getaround.


We set expectations for renters and enforce policies including no smoking, mileage limits, and more.

We're here for you

As you share your car there may be some road bumps — rentals returned late, dirty, or rarely, not at all. If anything does happen, we'll be with you every step of the way.


We do our best to ensure a safe and trusted community. If things don't go well, we'll work with you to repair damage and help compensate for down time.

24/7 helpdesk

We provide 24/7 roadside assistance and customer support.

Ready to start sharing?

Once you set up your car profile you can start earning.

Start sharing

Your car is safer and smarter with Getaround

Renters can pick up your car without meeting and you can share with peace of mind.

Getaround Connect™

Getaround Connect allows renters to locate and unlock cars during a rental and adds security features like GPS tracking, tamper detection, and engine lock.

Free trial

Try it free for 30 days. If you like Getaround, we charge $99 one-time to cover installation costs and $20 a month.

Your digital key

You'll always know where your car is parked and you can unlock it with your phone.

Renter identity

We work with the DMV to check for good driver history as well as verify identity through Facebook, the credit bureau, and sixteen other points of reference.

Strong community

We have worked since day one to build a community based on trust. We encourage honesty and respect between renter and owner as well as active feedback.

Get paid and feel great

With Getaround, your car will pay for itself. Pay your bills and have plenty of cash for everything else.


Rental earnings accrue monthly. Payments are sent to you by the 15th of the following month with a personalized earnings report.


We take a 40% commission on rental earnings. This enables us to cover costs like insurance, roadside assistance and 24/7 helpdesk.

Tell friends, earn more

Share on Twitter, Facebook, and your other favorite social networks. You'll be able to give friends $20 driving credit and you'll be rewarded too.

Ready to start sharing your car?

Once you set up your car profile you can start earning.

Start sharing

Name your car

Choose a name that helps describe your car. Your car's URL will be name which you can use to promote your car.

Set location

Your car's address should let renters know where to pickup and return the car. Other location details will be sent privately with your rental instructions.