How it works

How Getaround® works

Rent and unlock great cars nearby - all on your phone.

What is carsharing?

Getaround® is a carsharing platform powered by the Getaround Connect® technology, which provides drivers access to rent and unlock great cars shared by people nearby.

What makes Getaround® great

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Powered by Getaround Connect®

Carsharing on Getaround is easy and reliable with the Getaround Connect®. We built the first ever device designed specifically for carsharing and installed it in every Getaround car.

The Connect® device allows drivers to rent, find, and unlock shared cars using their phone, while providing owners additional security benefits so they can carshare with confidence.

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Trust and safety

Our number one priority is the safety of our users. That’s why we screen and verify every Getaround® driver to ensure safe and responsible participation in our carsharing platform.

We also ensure that all vehicles are road-ready and well maintained by conducting thorough safety inspections during the vehicle onboarding process.

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