Earn $1,000s per year

Let your car pay for itself.

We offer a guarantee up to $1,000 and a 30 day free trial.

You're eligible if your car:

  • is located in one of our active Zip codes
  • is available 6+ full weekend days per month
  • is a 2003 or newer with under 125,000 miles
  • is priced within 20% of our recommended rates

Guarantee is paid after 3 months on Getaround. Terms and conditions may apply.

Where your phone and car Connect™

Subscribe to Getaround Connect™ to share your car. We'll install it for you. You'll know where your car is parked after each trip and you can unlock it with your phone. Connect™ provides enhanced security features for your peace of mind.

If you have any questions, call us: (866) 239-4084

Getaround is helping the environment by reducing car consumption.
– Bloomberg

Owners have shared 2 , 1 8 7 , 5 3 1 hours

2008 Honda Civic Hybrid
Evan G. made $37,141
Shared 1,061 times since 2012

Evan uses the money he makes from sharing his Hybrid Honda Civic on Getaround to pay for impromptu trips with friends.

2014 Tesla Model S
Bruce C. made $31,000
Shared 162 times since 2015

A car sharing and EV enthusiast, Bruce makes more than double his monthly car payments by sharing his Model S on Getaround.

2011 BMW 5 Series
Joe R. made $18,628
Shared 281 times since 2015

Joe loves cars and uses to Getaround to share that love with other people. Today, he shares 13 cars on Getaround in San Francisco.

There's more to sharing your car than just making money

Dedicated parking

We have sweet parking spots all over town (in some cities). We can set you up with a dedicated parking spot.

Free driving credit

Get more done or drive your dream car. Use your $50 monthly driving credit to rent anything from a convertible to a SUV.

Force for good

Sharing your car takes up to 10 cars off the road. Fewer cars mean more parking, less pollution and less traffic.

If you have any questions, call us: (866) 239-4084

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