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Build a car sharing business on Getaround

Getaround®, the leading global and digital car sharing marketplace, provides communities with a cost-effective alternative to car ownership. Whether you’re looking to start a business or you currently manage your own vehicle business, Getaround carsharing offers technology and resources to help you succeed.

Be your own boss

Low barrier to entry.
Start building your business with as little as the down payment on a single car or by listing a car you already own.

Start your car sharing business.
Enroll your car(s) and get connected. Submit your info and our onboarding team will help set up your Getaround Connect® device installation and Getaround car profile.

Run your car sharing business.
Manage your calendar and vehicle availability, maintain your vehicles, drive repeat business, and use Getaround’s technology to track your performance.

Drive your car sharing business forward.
Drive your business forward. Reinvest your earnings into your vehicles and turn Getaround from a side hustle to a full-time business, your total investment is up to you! 

Rave reviews. More than 2,000,000 users in the U.S.

“Using Getaround I was able to scale my fleet using their technology, and vertically integrate my carshare business into a dealership.”
John B.

“I am looking forward to continue to grow and improve my business working closely Getaround and through their continued support, help and innovation."

JeanClaude C.

"I started sharing my personal car on Getaround to offset my car costs. I soon realized that my car was earning quite a bit of money, so I decided to add more cars. Today, I have built a thriving business with more than 50 cars in my fleet!”
Allen B.

"I expanded from 2 to 5 cars because Getaround was working really well for me. I was able to sell my good experiences to other investors I connected with online so that I could buy and manage cars on their behalf."
William B.

"I’ve always liked ways to make extra money, so when I found out about Getaround, I figured I’d give it a try. I started with one car and now I have over twenty."
Matt S.

Getaround is a platform dedicated to supporting all types of owners in running their car sharing businesses.

Side hustlers or full-time entrepreneurs

Digital key
The Getaround Connect® device allows drivers to unlock your car with the Getaround app during a trip, removing the need for a key exchange with the driver and allowing you to share cars from a variety of locations at once. 

Automated pricing
Our technology take the hassle out of pricing, helping you maximize monthly earnings.‍

Premium parking access
We provide access to exclusive rates on high demand parking inventory, sourced by our team of in-house parking experts.

Supply partner community
Learn best practices on what works from the Getaround owner community.

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Existing vehicle managers

Demand generation
Tap into a new source of revenue for your vehicles with bookings from Getaround’s community of more than 6 million worldwide.

24/7 support
Getaround provides 24/7 customer support to owners.

Contactless sharing
With the Getaround Connect®, you can share your car without a key exchange, reducing the need for additional overhead.

Safe and trustworthy
All Getaround drivers must pass a driving-record check before taking their first trip.

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Insurance & mileage

Your vehicle and its drivers are covered by insurance during every Getaround trip.

Available 24/7 roadside assistance
We offer 24/7 roadside assistance for accidents, flat tires, or breakdowns that may occur during an active trip as part of certain protection plans.

Daily mileage limits.
Cars on Getaround have a standard mileage limit (200 daily miles). Additional mileage beyond the standard limits results in mileage fees for the driver and mileage reimbursements for the owner.

Insurance coverage
As an owner, you and your vehicle are covered by Getaround’s insurance policy during all active Getaround trips. Our policy includes comprehensive, collision, and liability coverage.*

A Getaround utility guest driving down the road in a Getaround shared car.
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