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State to state, city to city, Getaround® has shared cars, trucks, and vans near you. Find, book, and unlock one with your iOS or Android device today.

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From Arizona to Wisconsin, we’ve got a shared car for you.

Whether you're visiting or residing, Getaround® has cars in nearly 20 states and we are expanding rapidly.


“We share the kids so on the weekends, I get a car shared on Getaround to drop them off. If I’m picking them up, we spend the day shopping for the week’s groceries and getting school supplies.”

— Meg B.


“There’s nothing better than a convertible for a date. I reserve a car on Wednesday to make sure I drive to impress on Friday and Saturday nights.”

— Frank S.


“My friends live out in Lakewood and we get together for DnD on the weekends. It’s great to have a car for quick trips to the store and then home late at night.”

— Ben A.


“I have an older truck that’s not practical for driving around town. I use a shared car for everything except deliveries.”

— Antoine R.


“When friends come to visit, they think Disneyworld and Epcot Center are just down the street. I book a shared van on Getaround so we can drive wherever we need to go and have a place to keep our things while we’re sightseeing.”

— Carla R.


“When it’s really humid in the summer, a car with air conditioning is so much more comfortable than using public transportation.”

— Maria D.


“Chicago has great public transportation but when you’re shopping, running to the laundromat, and picking up DIY supplies, you need a roomy SUV. Getaround nearly always has just what I need.”

— Josephina C.


“I really don’t need a car all the time. I just need to be able to get something to go see family for weekend events. I can book a shared car on Getaround and drive an hour, visit all day, and have the freedom to leave whenever I want.”

— Chad Y.

New Jersey

“It’s not practical to own a car where I live in NJ but when I have a night class, I feel safer booking a shared car on Getaround.”

— Kyeria P.

New York

“I don’t want the responsibility of owning a car and I don’t want to worry about where I can park it during the days. Getaround means I can act like I have a car when I need it without getting stuck with payments or insurance.”

— Stu S.


“Since COVID, I’ve worried about my and my kids’ safety when out shopping or taking the kids to their afterschool activities. With Getaround, the cars are clean and some of the hosts provide disinfectant right in the car so I can wipe everything down before and after.”

— Brittany M.



“I use lots of different ways to do errands; it just depends on how much I have to haul. If I have to take a lot of groceries or laundry, I book a car share. For quicker errands, I just use a scooter. I like the availability of shared cars on Getaround for when I need them.”

— Amanda B.

Rhode Island

“My kids live in another state so I use Getaround when I need to go to the airport to get them. When they come for the summer, they have lots of suitcases and boxes so it's hard to do all that with public transportation. Getaround makes it easier.”

—Reagan B.


“I saw shared cars on Getaround in another state where I lived but they weren’t in Texas. Now they are so I book a car for all my errands. It’s way easier than trying to work two strollers and hang on to my young son when we’re all out for the day.”

— Brianna O.


“When I moved to a new apartment I couldn’t find a small moving truck near me. My friend told me about Getaround and there was a shared van parked less than a mile away. I booked it and walked over to pick it up. I unlocked it with my phone, so I didn’t even have to wait for the owner to show up with keys.”

— Karim R.


“We have a horse boarded just outside of Seattle and going out to ride and taking all the gear we need was a nightmare on public transportation. We tried renting cars, but the day-rental fee was too expensive. Shared cars on Getaround are perfect and affordable.”

— Ron & Becky S.

Washington, D.C.

“I had a job interview in D.C., and was really worried about being on time. I didn’t know about Getaround but was searching on Google for how to get to an interview on time and found Getaround. I booked right then and there and made it to the interview. And, I got the job! Now I use Getaround for going to work every day.”

— Holly V.


“I play in a band on the weekends. We all have cars but none of us has one big enough for the instruments, speakers, and amps. We take turns booking a van on Getaround and sharing the cost — even though it’s much less expensive than renting. The app makes it simpler.”

— Sean W.
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