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Get a FIAT, share on Getaround and earn thousands

Getaround has partnered with FIAT to offer you an exclusive discount on a FIAT. Share it when you aren't using it and earn an average of $500 per month. Details below.

$1,000 off, $199 a month

Here's the deal: get an exclusive $1,000 Bonus cash allowance for a total of up to $3,500 off the purchase of a 2014 FIAT vehicle not including additional incentives that may be available through your local FIAT Studio. Leasing a 2015 FIAT 500 Sport is as low as $199 per month.

Earn $1,000s per year

Share your car and earn more than enough to pay for it.

Free Getaround Connect™

Conveniently share your new FIAT with Getaround Connect™ allowing you to locate and unlock your new car with your phone. You just share it when you don't need it and trusted renters can instantly find, rent and unlock directly from the Getaround app. Safe, secure, and fully insured.

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Sharing your car on Getaround makes sense

Extra income

Earn $1,000s per year renting your car when you aren't using it.

No risk

Getaround screens all renters and insures every rental up to $1 million.

Smart technology

We've designed the best technology to make sharing your car safe and easy.

Let's do the math

With the average car on Getaround earning $500 per month, covering your car costs will be easy.
Avg. Getaround earnings

* Based on the exclusive Getaround discount for a FIAT lease. You can also choose to use your discount to purchase a FIAT. Financing estimates based on currently available incentives on Check with your local dealer as financing offers are subject to change and vary based on credit worthiness.

Getaround owners earn $1,000s a year

Adam made

$495 this month.

Danielle made

$784 this month.

Mandi made

$437 this month.

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If you have any questions, call us: (866) 239-4084

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How much can I make?

Getaround owners are currently earning $500 per month on average. Getaround Connect™ enables trusted Getaround members to find, rent, and unlock Getaround cars-on-demand from their phone. It means you have a car when you need one, and you make money sharing your car when you don't. But remember, Getaround is a marketplace so earning potential depends on how often you make it available as well as supply and demand. There are no guaranteed long-term earnings although we offer a guarantee in your first 3 months depending on your location.

How do people rent & unlock my car?

All Getaround cars are equipped with Getaround Connect™ which serves as an access and security feature. Getaround's mobile app communicates with Connect™ so that you can make your car available simply by setting dates on a calendar. Friends and Getaround members can find, rent, and unlock your car all from their mobile device. You are living your life, and your FIAT is making you money.

Do I need a parking spot?

Getaround supports all types of owners with different parking arrangements. If you want a reserved parking spot we can help you find parking, and for a limited time we can cover part of the parking cost. If street parking is easy in your neighborhood or if your garage is accessible, that's great too. The Getaround app enables you and renters to locate the exact location of the vehicle so locating the car is easy.

What if I get a FIAT with a factory alarm?

Getaround Connect works with any vehicle model. But if you choose to buy or lease a FIAT 500 with a factory alarm you will need to purchase an additional spare key in order to integrate with Getaround Connect ™.

What are the terms of the exclusive discount?

$1,000 Bonus Cash Allowance is valid toward the purchase or lease of a new and unused 2014/2015 FIAT vehicle (excluding 500 Pop and FIAT 500e). Customer must take retail delivery by 11/30/14. Bonus Cash Allowance is not available to the general public. Offer is additive to most current national, regional or other bonus incentives. Offer is not compatible with Chrysler Employee Advantage Program, Chrysler CDI Program and all other direct mail/email programs. Certificate Code found in this email is valid for the person named in the email and is transferable only to immediate family members within the same household with proof of address (valid driver's license or state identification card required). Certificate Code must be presented to a participating franchised U.S. FIAT Studio. Only one (1) original Certificate Code is valid; duplicates are not. Offer must be redeemed at time of purchase or lease of eligible vehicle. Only one (1) Certificate Code per email or postal mail address is eligible. Only one (1) original Certificate Code may be redeemed per eligible customer. If original email is lost, a dealer can verify eligibility by calling the Chrysler Incentives Assistance Center. Offer not redeemable on a purchase/lease made prior to 9/3/14. Offer is nonnegotiable and not redeemable for cash. See participating dealer for details. Program ID: 39CF3

Is this legal? How does insurance work?

Yes. This is legal and fully insured. Getaround has a $1 million primary insurance policy that supersedes your car insurance and the renter's insurance, made legal under the California Car Sharing Bill (AB-1871). Getaround requires a valid driver's license and does a background check on every renter.

What do I need to do?

Sharing you car on Getaround is easy. You make it available on your Getaround calendar when you don't need it. Getaround members rent it and return it just as you left it. Make sure to inspect your car between rentals, keep it clean and in good working order. You'll see what rentals you have on the iPhone app or at You'll also receive rental notifications via SMS.