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Welcome to the Getaround host community


We've had some exciting product and market launches this past month as we continue to expand upon the power of our Getaround Connect® technology as well as our geographical presence.

Powered by Getaround Connect®, you can now see live reporting of fuel and battery levels on each trip. Hosts can view this in their mobile app and in their online dashboard.

We are also continuing to grow markets and expand into new ones with our most recent new additions of Orlando, Tampa, Pittsburgh, Milwaukee, San Antonio, and Austin!

If you have questions or are interested in expanding to one of these cities, please reach out to your account manager or contact us through your host app.

Jordan, power host

Getaround spotlight:


"Getaround has proven to be more than just a car sharing platform. I've seen how it's contactless capabilities are actually essential in providing safety and peace of mind to both myself and my renters, especially in this recent pandemic society. I love that the tech behind Getaround automates so much for me in my car sharing business so that I don’t have as much leg work to do manually."

Getaround power host

Kisean Smith, power host

Getaround spotlight:

Kisean Smith

“Getaround is always going to be important to me, no matter how much money I make elsewhere. Getaround is not my primary source of income since I am a CPA, but it's helpful and important to my goals. I use the money I earn to buy real estate — enables me to do things I could not without it.”

—Kisean Smith
Getaround Power Host

Christian Herrera, sales manager

Getaround spotlight:

Christian Herrera

"I get to work with our amazing Fleet Business Managers to ensure Power Hosts are set up for growth and success. On one hand, I love bringing this opportunity of entrprenuriship to new and existing hosts, and on the other, I love democratizing access to mobility to new areas as we grow our presence in the US."

— Christian Herrera
Manager, Sales & Fleet Growth

JJ Duncan, senior trust & safety associate

Getaround spotlight:

JJ Duncan

"Life in San Francisco has given me a deep understanding of the challenges facing our hosts in urban markets. At Getaround I specialize in theft prevention, working closely with our hosts to make car sharing safer."

—JJ Duncan
Senior Trust & Safety Associate

Getaround product updates

Our team continually works to make the host experience as efficient as possible. See our recent updates below.

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Product updates

Car Manager

We're excited to introduce our revamped car management experience for owners (on desktop)! We have given it a major facelift—including a brand new interface, faster load times, and additional features; restructuring it from the ground up to provide owners with a unified view and management system for their cars. Read up on the updates below.

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Product updates

Claims Manager

We’re excited to introduce a brand new and highly requested tool for owners: Claims Manager, now available on desktop!No more digging through email threads and cross referencing ticket numbers. You can visit the Claims Management page to view, sort, and file claims all from one place. This integrated desktop management experience has centralized all things claims-related.

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Product updates

Getaround Connect®: battery and fuel reporting

Hosts can now see their car(s) battery and fuel levels displayed in their host dashboard.Log into your Getaround app on desktop or mobile to view this latest product offering, which includes:• Battery & voltage display• Battery tool tips• Critical battery warnings• Fuel level displayThese live reads should reduce the need for physical checks and downtime of cars, allowing you to maximize availability and earnings.

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