We make cities and communities better places to live.

We connect safe, convenient, and affordable cars with people who need them to live and work. We aim to create the world’s best car-sharing marketplace with proprietary technology and data that make sharing vehicles superior to owning them. Our community includes guests who rely on our cars for on-demand mobility and hosts who share cars on our platform, including those who operate car-sharing businesses.

Empowering people with convenient access to the cars they need, whenever they need them.

Getaround improves everyone’s quality of life, including people who can’t own cars or don’t have access to the vehicles they need. Our connected car technology allows guests to book a wide variety of vehicles directly from our app without ever having to meet anyone in person, carry an access card, wait in line, or coordinate picking up keys.

Improving mobility by relieving congestion and making public transit easier to use.

Cars are parked 22 hours a day on average. When we share cars, we don’t need as many on the road, which means fewer accidents, reduced traffic, and less space required for parking. Carsharing modernizes mobility by allowing people to connect multiple forms of efficient transportation for any type of use case.

Protecting our environment by reducing pollution and advancing sustainable energy.

Studies show that when car sharing is available, people drive less and drive vehicles more appropriate for their use case, which can reduce household carbon emissions by up to 40%. Also, shared cars are used more frequently and retired more quickly, accelerating the adoption of newer, more energy-efficient vehicles.

Getaround was founded in 2009 and today operates in more than 800 cities across the U.S. and Europe. For more information, visit Getaround.com, or download our iPhone or Android app.


We connect safe, convenient, and affordable cars with people who need them to live and work.

Powered by Getaround Connect®

To make sharing a car as easy as owning your own, we built the only hardware designed specifically for peer-to-peer car sharing.

The Getaround Connect® allows guests to find, book and unlock cars right from their phone, while giving hosts the security features they need to share one of their most expensive assets.

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To make our cities and communities better places to live by building the world’s best car-sharing marketplace.

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Getaround Raises $140 Million Series E Financing

Investment comes as company's revenue rebounds from initial decline and experiences significant growth amid continuing pandemic.Company to strengthen leadership position and target profitability with new funding.Four executive hires support growth and demonstrate company commitment to culture and diversity.

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Getaround Become Global Carsharing Leader with $300 Million Acquisition of European Platform, Drivy

Carsharing pioneer Getaround today announced the $300M acquisition of Drivy, the largest and fastest-growing car-sharing platform in Europe. Expanding on Getaround's vision of a world where all cars are shared, the combined company now spans 300 cities in the U.S. and Europe, adding international presence in six European countries: France, Germany, Spain, Austria, Belgium and the U.K.

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