6 hour minimum for this car

2012 Tesla Model S


Bruno B.

2012 Dark Blue Model S in San Francisco for rent by owner. ** YOU MUST BE 25+ AND HAVE A CLEAN RECORD TO RENT ** READ THIS: * If Rental is within 24 hours, please call immediately afterwards to confirm availability * Getaround Policy: 100 miles included per day and $5/mile surcharge after that * I will charge to ~160 miles, MUST request full charge the day before if needed * Please schedule pickups and dropoffs for 8am to 11pm * Read the notes below as it's full of useful information This car is the current world record holder for the longest distance driven on a single charge: 425.8 miles. A technical wonder and a dream of a vehicle. It was "Car of the Year" from Motor Trend, Automobile Magazine, CNET and Yahoo! Autos. Driving it will be a wonderful experience that will leave you with lasting memories. The car is very easy to drive. I can give you instruction on the advanced features if you'd like to learn. This is the long range version (85 kWh), rated at 265 miles. Two big benefits of this rental is that "gas" is included and I have garaged parking - you can even park your own car in my garage when you do the rental. This is the base version, which is still wickedly fast. The 'performance' version made my wife nauseous, so you will still have plenty of fun with this regardless. The Getaround stickers are no longer on the car so you'll be driving brand free. Included for Free: * FastPass for bridge tolls * Roadside assistance from Tesla * Parking with SFMTA card and a bunch of quarters * Free charging with Tesla's SuperCharger network and my home * Spare charging cable in vehicle (3 miles per hour of 110v charging) Car Features: * Supercharger network which allows charges ~200 miles of range in 30 mins * Use the "PlugShare" app for J1772 chargers all around the Bay Area * Tech package with navigation and a great sound system * iPhone and Android power cables to recharge your smartphones as you drive * Electric pump in the case of any punctures * 3G connection with included streaming music service Slacker (similar to Pandora) Here's my fun mention by Elon Musk: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IgKWPdJWuBQ&t=217 Includes: gps navigation system, leather interior, sunroof / moonroof, air conditioning, cruise control, power windows, power seats, aux/mp3 enabled, bluetooth wireless

Automatic Automatic transmission Instant rental
Getaround Connect™ enabled GPS navigation system Leather interior
Sunroof / moonroof Air conditioning Cruise control
Power windows Power seats AUX/MP3 enabled
Bluetooth wireless


  • No pets—leave your furry friend at home.
  • Smoking fine is $300. Cleaning fee is $100 (spills, sand, pet hair etc.).


Garage parking
6 hour minimum for this car