2016 Audi S5

Michael G.


2016 Navy S5 in Philadelphia for rent by owner. QUICK and EASY 3-STEP CHECK-IN! 1) PRIOR TO ARRIVAL - TEXT HOST a photo of your valid and current drivers license for confirmation using the "HELP" button in the APP or 484-319-8550 2) When you arrive at the garage TEXT A SELFIE STANDING AT THE GARAGE BOOTH - WITH DRIVERS LICENSE IN YOUR HAND so we can confirm it’s YOU picking up the car AND you have your DRIVERS LICENSE WITH YOU. 3) WHEN SELFIE AND LICENSE ARE RECEIVED we will IMMEDIATELY send you GARAGE CLAIM TICKET OR LOCKBOX CODE (if applicable) to show the parking attendant. **YOU CANNOT GET THE CAR WITHOUT CLAIM TICKET OR LOCKBOX CODE FROM HOST UPON VERIFICATION**. YOU’RE ALL SET! HAVE A SAFE TRIP! CLEANING - all vehicles are cleaned, disinfected and ionized in between trips for your safety and comfort! SMOKING - there is a STRICT no smoking policy (UP TO $250 smoking penalty charge applies). RETURN - late return charges apply. If you expect to be late please extend the trip (if available) BEFORE TRIP ENDS to avoid charges. My car is set up for automated toll crossing using my license plate number so feel free to use the EZPass lane. You will be charged by Getaround directly (plus a $2.50 processing fee) for any tolls incurred during your trip. **At trip end please return the car TO SAME LOCATION YOU PICKED UP. TICKETS/VIOLATIONS - there is an additional $15 admin charge for each ticket we RECEIVE IN THE MAIL that we process on behalf of the guest. You may avoid this charge by paying violations at the time they are received. PAPERWORK - Vehicle Paperwork is sent to your email from GETAROUND prior to trip start Be a 5 TOP RATED guest! - Return car on time - Clear out personal items and trash - No smoking (UP TO $250 smoking fee) - REFILL GAS TO same level YOU PICKED UP ($10 refuel fee) - Proper check in and check out - OVERALL Good communication THANK YOU for booking with us! We look forward to providing you with a great GETAROUND experience! Includes: gps navigation system, leather interior, sunroof / moonroof, air conditioning, dvd system, premium wheels, cruise control, power windows, power seats, all-wheel drive, bluetooth wireless, premium sound


  • Automatic
  • Automatic transmission
  • Instant rental
  • Getaround Connect™ enabled
  • GPS navigation system
  • Leather interior
  • Sunroof / moonroof
  • Air conditioning
  • DVD system
  • Premium wheels
  • Cruise control
  • Power windows
  • Power seats
  • All-wheel drive
  • Bluetooth wireless
  • Premium sound


  • No pets—leave your furry friend at home.
  • Smoking fine is $300. Cleaning fee is $100 (spills, sand, pet hair etc.).


Garage parking