2017 Mercedes-Benz AMG GT


Moshe B.

2017 Black AMG GT in Miami for rent by owner. DO NOT BOOK CAR FOR LESS THAN 8 HOURS I WILL NOT ACCEPT THE TRIP! Also understand being a expensive car I move it around somtime so please be willing to go to loction I tell you it will be at understand this performance car we measure tires every time car is park before and after every trip no burnouts and I suggest not to launch car at every light beacuse any abnormal wear we will reported and tires are not cheap I’d hate to make claim for tires . also do NOT smoke or roll any illegal substances in car a smoke/cleaning fee will accur . Understand we are not hear to Nickle and dime any of you as coustmer we ask to respect car and give it back same condition or better in cleanliness Meaning we’re not gonna charge if thier dust outside or lil dirt on floor mats but expamples of cleaning charges are if you go to beach and car is returned covered in sand or if you park under a tree and car is full of sap and car needs to be detailed a cleaning fee will be charged ... also please cover my seats if you are wet or lay luggage down on seats .... also please gas vechile with same gas you got it .its very difficult to maintain fleet of vechiles and to go out of our way to fuel them so a 20 dollar refuel fee will accur if not brought back with about the same amount of gas also use 93 octane gas and keep receipts if lower octane gas is found and car does not run right you will be charged to drain fuel and refuel it Experience what it's like to drive one of Mercedes benz finest handmade convertible car ever made ... and it's the only C63 AMG S currently on turo in south Florida this car has a 4.0 twin turbo v8 with 503hp 516 lb-ft its 0-60 is 3.8 sec this is truly my favorite car out of all the ones i own very spacious and it's clean look craftsmanship and attention to detail and love when they made this car will make this car stand out and memories and experience you'll make with this car will be ones to be remembered this car is fully loaded with - carbon fiber package -heads up display(car speed hit windshield like jets) -premium audio -5 way adjustable black and red leather sport seats -full convertible roof -a/c cool seat -heated seats and back neck heated air vent - adjustable sport suspension - xm raido -navigation My rules are -no burnouts I measure and record tire depth on ever trip -no smoking a fee will be processed if car smell like cigarettes or even smells like cigarettes or any illegal substances so no rolling in car -premium minimum 91 octane gas must be used because of turbo and i required receipt to be kept and shown if cheap gas is used fee will be assessed for removal and refueling of gas

Automatic Automatic transmission Instant rental
Getaround Connect™ enabled


  • No pets—leave your furry friend at home.
  • Smoking fine is $500. Cleaning fee is $100 (spills, sand, pet hair etc.).


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