Hello, Portland.

Help make PDX the sharing capital of the world.

Through a federal grant and in partnership with the City of Portland and Oregon Transportation Research and Education Consortium, we're measuring the benefits of peer-to-peer car sharing.

You can help by sharing your car with local Portlanders. On top of the thousands of dollars you'll earn each year on Getaround, we'll give you a free Getaround Connect™ and up to $200 for participating in this groundbreaking car sharing study.

Get Started

5 minutes.   Free Getaround Connect™.   Earn Thousands.

How To Participate

  1. List your car on Getaround
  2. Complete our online driving survey
  3. We'll give you a free Getaround Connect™
  4. Drive normally for about 6 weeks
  5. Start sharing and earn thousands!


  • $100 for participating in the study
  • $50 for your first rental
  • $50 for completing 5 rentals and a survey
  • Limited slots available so signup today!
  • Full program criteria on our FAQ